The Yellow Submarine

Like a bolt of lightening, it hits you - your glaring lack of integrity - you've screwed up. Again and again, you hold yourself to outrageous standards and unrelenting expectations, neither of which you've had the strength or character to achieve. You're sinking, slowly, like a submarine, but you don't realize, you don't want to. [...]


The Red Bull

Nonchalant and reluctant, "pompous" my dad used to yell, slowly, gradually I gathered a series of "had I known" moments, now, as I write this, I whisper to myself "had I known" and with that, I bite my tongue, with my head plunged downwards in shame, uncertain of which excuse to give. It all seems [...]

The Grey area

It’s so easy to look at something as insightful or inspiring, and respond “Preach!”, as though we’re confirming an absolute, rather than looking at it as what it really is; an opinion soaked in a lifetime of personal circumstance, culture, and outside influence. I’m afraid of those words which seem too good to be true; [...]

A winter tale. 

She was the type of girl you never got tired of staring at, the cold vibe, full lips, stunning legs, there was something about the mysterious vibe she had that made it impossible for you not to want to know her. People will be people, and people tried to define her, slap labels, titles, false [...]

Amazing Reality: This Will Blow Your Mind

Welcome to RICHINI

The world is a noisy, overcrowded place

Building momentum for performance is often an uphill battle.

What makes a man really successful in a noisy world?

What gives him the ability to perpetuate success regardless of his location?

How can a man transform his world and walk in divine excellence always?

It has been proven empirically that a man’s ability to control his inner environment is usually the difference between success and failure.

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Generational lines

We’re the spoiled ones, who prefer to check our Social Media statistics rather than interact with the world around us, we’re the generation too young to have fought in a major war, and we’re guilty of beginning to forget the lessons learned by those who lived through one. We don't know enough about life, yet [...]

Jealousy: Tomorrow’s thief. 

Like the idea that happiness should be constant, (see my previous article), jealousy is an epidemic spreading like wildfire. Whispering it's Dark twisted narrative into our minds in moments of weakness which manifests into a powerful false storyline, the scarier part? It's a believable one. The lot of us believe jealousy is a basic human emotion, [...]