We live in a world of stark dichotomy, where the silver screen is a smokescreen which tells us we’ve got to be prettier, thinner, richer…More like somebody else’s version of success… 😕

Don’t be misguided by the common misconception that imagination is just well, imagination 

We are constantly bombarded with messages about how awesome we ‘should’ be, what success ‘should’ look like, and all the things that we ‘deserve’, for being us, and for surviving the difficulties of life thus far. These messages feed our sense of entitlement, which after a while, like stubborn weed in a cornfield, find its way to the front of the queue for attention, where the originators and proliferators of that message can profit from it.

I have a lot of respect for people who have decided they will stand out, people who have decided they won’t hop on the bandwagon of “this is what success “should” look like”,  people that Whatever shifts and alters in their life, whatever challenges or triumphs they encounter, whatever setbacks, boosts, plateaus or changes of direction, They can speak up and answer “This – THIS – is what I’m here for.”

So, then…what are you here for?


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