The whirlwind and a mindset.

All it takes is one decision, goals set and promises made.
Not to the people around you, not to your family, but to  yourself.
It is only right that before decisions are made, questions are asked…

Who I’m I?
Who do I want to be?
What’s important and what’s not
What I still need and what I don’t need anymore,

A lot of people just want to continue adding the things that this contemporary society doesn’t need anymore, because guess what? Most of the time we just act, nobody really stops to think anymore.

We sit in groups and discuss the ladies/guys, we more often than not fail to discuss an issue that is all too often illusive,

                      The Truth

That we’ve lost touch of what’s real…
That we’ve lost the ability to go the extra mile for any cause,
That we’ve lost the ability to motivate ourselves,
That with every sunrise and sunset, we continue to build our lives with goals based on mediocrity…

What you allow to breach the barricades of your mind is everything. You should be your own best friend, your own competition, your own raving fan.


I acknowledge that for every human, at some point, life gets tough, and we struggle to find a reason to push on, but as an individual, I try to honor the promises I make to myself, and the fact that there are people that say I can’t is motivation enough.

Focus more on meeting and hanging with people that know a lot about a lot, and less on people who do nothing but remind you the impossibilities in life, as the former leads to insurmountable levels of personal growth, the latter brings nothing but anxiety and worry, which is interest paid for a debt you may never owe.

Remind yourself that it’s destination not speed, progression not perfection,


For the more you know, the more you know that you don’t know.


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