No nickel for your thoughts. 

Maybe life is supposed to demand so much from us,
Maybe no matter what happens it’ll all be fine in the end,

Maybe there is no end,

Maybe it’s just a continuous whirlwind of crazy…

Maybe not…

Deep down I think we all know when we screw up, and no matter how hard we try to pretend we don’t, it hits us at different moments… For most of us it’s probably the end of the year, you know, when everyone is talking about everything they’ve achieved thus far and you’re just sitting there like;

Time flew by, unfortunately I wasn’t the pilot.

All of a sudden it’s hard to get a good night’s sleep, your mind starts playing tricks, you start thinking that in the eyes of everyone , your so called competition, you’re nothing but an abject failure… Without even realizing, you’ve created your own personal hell, mental armageddon, and all the alternate realities we start painting with different colors…

How quickly we forget that really life is simple, and more often than not, it’s a black and white affair.

Unfuck yourself.

Someone I follow on Instagram posted that, and it’s stuck ever since.
We’re defined by the battles we choose to fight, the lines we choose to draw and the ones we choose to cross. It’s normal to feel bad when we feel we’ve fallen short of our expectations, what’s not normal is allowing that feeling to define you.

So no matter how many mistakes you’ve made this year, no matter how many chances you knew you had but didn’t take, it’s your life, your reality, your forever… There is always room for improvement, Always, a chance to be better
I like to look at short comings as bridges…

Bridges we cross,

But in order to move forward, these same bridges we must burn.

Taking no part of them along with you except the smell of the smoke and the memories that some of those bridges brought tears to our eyes.

Understand that ultimately they make us stronger, better informed,

They don’t leave us the same, they make us better.

Limits are self imposed, and unless you’re willing to look beyond the horizon you won’t fix last year’s problem.

There’s no need to make a long list of new year resolutions that we break two months in, in my opinion, resolutions should be the same year in year out;

Be better. 

I really hope anyone reading this who has lost his footing, motivation, drive, reason to keep pushing, finds it.

Thank you to everyone who’s been coming here, I honestly didn’t believe that I’d amass this many views in my first year… I’m grateful…

Let’s do it bigger next year.

Compliments of the season and Best wishes,



2 thoughts on “No nickel for your thoughts. 

  1. Bla…bla…bla. it’s all just a play of words….seeking happiness or a fulfilling life its all the same. Any sports person can tell u there is a joy in the battle that leads to victory. with all respet If u want me to share ur thoughts they need to be creative and meaningful l. Not just a play of words for words sake! .


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