Jealousy: Tomorrow’s thief. 

Like the idea that happiness should be constant, (see my previous article), jealousy is an epidemic spreading like wildfire.

Whispering it’s Dark twisted narrative into our minds in moments of weakness which manifests into a powerful false storyline, the scarier part? It’s a believable one.

The lot of us believe jealousy is a basic human emotion, whether this is true or not is up for debate. It torments us by fueling our reasons as to why someone is better than us, or has something we don’t. It is such a powerful emotion that it is present in almost every love story ever told, an intricate part of most major events in human history. I believe the hold jealousy has on us is as a result of the fact that we deny it is there in the first place, until it creeps it’s way into our heads and slowly starts dictating our thoughts and actions about a certain issue. Without even realizing, you become a vindictive person.

You’ve probably read more times than you’d care to count that you need to take charge of your life and write your own story, however, before you start writing, you have to kick jealousy and all it’s baggage out.
When the narrative is ours and not ours and jealousy’s, It can be a good one, with work of course. Our story doesn’t have to be one of torment and torture, it can be one of strength and overcoming. We need to stop letting jealousy create the plot and pen our own autobiographies instead.

Don’t believe everything that you read or hear.(can’t stress that enough!) We don’t have to make enemies so quickly, we can work harder to understand people we see as threats. We can benefit from the successes of others and help them succeed, you can’t always be in the spotlight, and when you’re not, be comfortable in the crowd and clap like everyone else. You and I can write our stories without jealousy’s plot twist.

Someone has something you don’t? Look at yourself closely,

You have something they don’t.

Never forget that.

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