Generational lines

We’re the spoiled ones, who prefer to check our Social Media statistics rather than interact with the world around us, we’re the generation too young to have fought in a major war, and we’re guilty of beginning to forget the lessons learned by those who lived through one. We don't know enough about life, yet [...]

Jealousy: Tomorrow’s thief. 

Like the idea that happiness should be constant, (see my previous article), jealousy is an epidemic spreading like wildfire. Whispering it's Dark twisted narrative into our minds in moments of weakness which manifests into a powerful false storyline, the scarier part? It's a believable one. The lot of us believe jealousy is a basic human emotion, [...]

Happiness but not happiness- Gerald Joseph 


We like to think life should be all sunshine and rainbows, we are swift to blame the devil the minute something goes wrong.

The idea that happiness should be constant has eaten deep into our mindset like a canker worm, a contagious epidemic.

I sit sometimes and wonder, are we going to teach our children to be happy? Or are we going to teach them to be strong, are we going to teach them to always plan for the best and not teach them the corresponding “expect the worst lesson” in return?

Don’t get the wrong idea, being happy is a beautiful thing, but we should not fear sadness in the process.

Are you pursuing just happiness or are you pursuing a fulfilled life?

If happiness is all you seek then you do not want to experience life, and if you do not want to experience life then you do…

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So What Really Are You Doing With Your Fear of Death.

Victor Effiom

I always watched him with so much enthusiasm, as if his next words were going to be the very ones that would shape the destiny of the World in the next running seconds. His story is unique, he treasured education, but was wise enough to know just when He had gotten enough. He brought to life the very first User-friendly Pc and today, we owe him the greatest credit of having to walk around with tablets with which we can do just about anything. Steve Jobs.

I am a great fan of the concept of the “mastermind’ as introduced to the World by Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow rich. In a constantly moving world, a subtle flash of an idea becomes the very ingredient with which you can begin to mix success in different flavors. During his commencement speech of 2005 at Stanford university, Steve addressing a group of well deserved…

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Gay marriage. A cause for debate, and given the diverse pillars on which different individuals anchor their argument, it is truly a remarkable subject. Christians will base their argument on the bible(as is the norm), and say vehemently that it is a sin and the LGBT community concludes that those who do not believe in [...]


 We are taught, or at least advised, not to judge others. So, then, why do we judge ourselves? This belief stems from the belief that there is something about me that is flawed, deficient. When we are young, if we don’t get the love that we feel we need, either because of our parents’ inabilities [...]


We live in a world of stark dichotomy, where the silver screen is a smokescreen which tells us we’ve got to be prettier, thinner, richer…More like somebody else’s version of success... 😕 Don't be misguided by the common misconception that imagination is just well, imagination  We are constantly bombarded with messages about how awesome we [...]