Gay marriage. A cause for debate, and given the diverse pillars on which different individuals anchor their argument, it is truly a remarkable subject. Christians will base their argument on the bible(as is the norm), and say vehemently that it is a sin and the LGBT community concludes that those who do not believe in… Continue reading 👥


We live in a world of stark dichotomy, where the silver screen is a smokescreen which tells us we’ve got to be prettier, thinner, richer…More like somebody else’s version of success… 😕 Don’t be misguided by the common misconception that imagination is just well, imagination  We are constantly bombarded with messages about how awesome we… Continue reading 📜

It’s Not Just You

Originally posted on The Daily Dahlia:
Confession: probably my biggest pet peeve on the planet is when people start a question with “Am I the only one who…?” No. You’re not. You’re not the only one who writes that way, reads that way, likes that food, likes that band, thinks Benedict Cumberbatch sounds like a…

Dream as if you’ll live forever, Live as if you’ll die today

Originally posted on Ramblings of a College Introvert:
We’re responsive creatures, always yearning for some kind of carnal or spiritual fulfillment. So many of our conversations are dedicated to that one question: What makes us feel alive? For me it’s neither people nor adventures. It’s the shapes and colors that make up a city I love.…